Can you mix on HiFi speakers?
Can you mix on HiFi speakers?

Can you mix on HiFi speakers? Nowadays, the frequency curve of any type of speaker can be adjusted to give a flat response using room eq correction software such as SonarWorks Reference 4 or IK ARC.

So, the only real difference is that HiFi speakers have a wider dispersion than studio monitors (the frequencies travel outwards from the speaker at a wider angle). That’s no big deal as long as they’re not placed too close to the side walls, and in any case, you wouldn’t want your studio monitors too close to the side walls either. Comb filtering as a result of early reflections from the side walls won’t discriminate between studio monitors and hifi speakers!

Besides, the most famous studio monitors in the world .. Yamaha NS10s … are actually HiFi speakers!!!

The important thing is that the speakers – hifi or monitors – deliver all frequencies to your ear at the same time! The timing of the speakers is perhaps more important than the frequency response! And of course, a lot rests on the quality of the amplifier used!

Check the specs and use what works for you 🙂