Top Ten Free VST Plugins for Mac & PC

Top Ten Free VST Plugins for Mac & PC 1. BLOCKFISH is a versatile compressor with countless ways to shape the incoming audio. Unlike many other digital compressors, BLOCKFISH has […]

On a Compressor, What is Knee?

On a Compressor, What is Knee? Some compressors allow you to control the knee setting. There are two types of knee setting, hard and soft. Hard knee compression reduces the […]

What is a Noise Gate?

Noise Gates A noise gate is a hardware device or plugin that can be set to automatically mute the signal during parts of the audio track where the instrument is […]

What is a De-esser?

De-essers De-essing is the method of reducing the loudness of frequencies in vocal recordings that cause spitting or piercing when an “ess or shh” sound is made. This is called […]

Why Monitor in Mono? by Simon Duggal In many professional studios you will find a single speaker (usually Auratone or similar) located between the left and right nearfield monitors. This […]