Mastering is the final stage of making a record once recording and mixing has taken place. It involves processing your audio to bring out clarity, depth, width, warmth and loudness so your music sounds as good as any commercial track out there.

I’ll master your track or album to comply with Red Book standards and all streaming services – Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc. I’ll deliver your masters in your required format: AIFF, WAV, MP3 or DDP image for CD replication.

Why me? I’ve mastered hundreds of tracks and albums in every style of music. Click here to read my client testimonials or head over to my personal Twitter and Instagram pages to find out a bit more about me.

What you need to know before sending your song for Mastering:

  • Get in touch. Send me your track for evaluation and I’ll advise on tweaks you can make to improve your mix. There’s no charge for this and there’s no obligation either.
  • Zip your audio material and send it via WeTransfer or any other file transfer service to
  • Interleaved WAV (WAVE) or AIF (AIFF) files are best.
  • The sample rate should be the same as your session. 44.1khz, 48khz, 96khz, whatever you recorded it at. Don’t up-sample.
  • The Bit depth should be 24bit. I’ll add dither and convert to 16 bit at the final stage.
  • Leave a couple of seconds at the start and end of your track. I’ll tidy it up.
  • Leave master bus compression on your mix as it’s part of your sound but remove any limiters on the master bus.

Some of my clients:

  • If you’re sending stems for mastering, make sure they all have the same start point, sample rate and bit depth.
  • Do not normalise your files. Normalising decreases digital headroom. That won’t leave me with much to work with.
  • Check your mix/stems all the way through to make sure there are no errors, clicks, pops or other unwanted noises.
  • If you want an International Standard Recording Code added for CD replication make sure you have these ready to send to me. You can find out all about ISRC here: What is an ISRC?
  • Make sure you have other information ready such as artist name, album name, album track running order, featured artist names, alternative track names etc and your contact information – mobile number and email address.
  • Send me MP3s or  links to reference material so I know how you want your track to sound.

Need help? Feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to discuss the process with you.

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