Want to Make Your Recordings Sound Great?

Want to Make Your Recordings Sound Great?

Professional recordings sound great in your car, on your ipod, hi-fi or just about anywhere you play them. Bass, middle and treble frequencies sound just right relative to each other .

A professional recording contains tracks that are well balanced in level, frequency and effects such as reverb, delay or modulation. Individual audio tracks are free from noise, hum, hiss, clicks, pops or unwanted ambience, equalized to bring out desired tones and the volume level set relative to all other instruments contained within the recording.

A great sound will make you want to listen. If a mix sounds harsh or dull your instinct would be to turn it off or switch to something else. For film and TV a great sound can enhance the viewer experience and subsequently make the visual message more direct and emotive. Imagine watching a tense thriller at the movies where the underlying soundtrack lacks bass and sounds thin and weedy. It would of course lesson the dynamic impact of the visual thereby making the viewer feel as though the scene was weak and anticlimactic.

My blog is dedicated to helping beginners and intermediates create great sounding recordings, record individual instruments and voices, mix the recorded parts together and create a stereo master audio file that sounds great wherever you play it. I’ll be covering topics such as: how to record instruments and voices, how to optimise your listening environment as well as more specific topics such as: how to use a compressor, what is routing?, microphones explained and much more. So keep coming back and I welcome your comments and questions.

Simon Duggal

Producer, Composer, Remixer, Musician & Blogger

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