Record, Mix & Master – In The Box


For the past three years I have been writing a book entitled Record, Mix & Master – In The Box.

The book covers everything – setting up a home studio, understanding room acoustics, how sound works, different types of speakers, mixing in mono, compression, eq, effects, dither, word-clock, jitter, microphone choice and just about everything else you can think of related to working with digital audio. 

I have written the book in a way that is very easy to understand and have included lots of very clear diagrams. There are 47 chapters and over 300 pages!

The book features ‘Tips from the Pros’ throughout – There’s some great advice from top producers and mix engineers including:

Kevin Churko – producer and engineer for Five Finger Death Punch, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Ozzy Osborne and more.

Axwell – Swedish House Mafia.

Hans-Martin Buff – Engineer for Prince at Paisley Park Studios.

My brother Diamond Duggal – Producer and Songwriter –

Iwan VanHetten – Producer and musician for Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters and Brooklyn Funk Essentials.

There are many more tips from other top professionals.

The book is also supported by:

Waves Audio, Audified, Oeksound, Focusrite, FabFilter, Celemony, HEDD Audio,  Soundtoys and others.

Record, Mix & Master – In The Box will be available in the coming months. I’ll be sharing snippets of it soon.

Thanks for following the page! 🙂

Simon Duggal

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