Avoid Artifacts with Clip-Free Compression in RX 7

Avoid Artifacts with Clip-Free Compression in RX 7

Lossy compression formats like mp3 and AAC are known to create artifacts such as clipping. In order to avoid clipping, it is typically recommended to lower the signal peak levels before compression. This article explains how peak levels are affected by lossy compression and shows how to avoid clipping in compressed files.

How lossy encoding changes peak levels Most music nowadays is distributed in compressed formats: either mp3 (MPEG-1 Layer III) or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). These compression algorithms reduce the size of a CD-quality audio by a factor of 5–10, depending on the chosen bitrate. This is a far stronger compression than a typical 2× ratio achievable by lossless codecs, like FLAC or ALAC. Therefore, the signal encoded by mp3 or AAC cannot be preserved exactly. These algorithms create an approximation of the signal that sounds as close to the original as possible…

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