Multiband Compression – An Introduction to Waves LinMB – Video Tutorial

Multi-band Compressors split the signal into several frequency bands. This allows the user to set the desired amount of gain reduction for each band. Multi-band Compressors are great for dealing with the dynamics of a full range mix.

Opto mode has a fast release time at high gain reduction (GR). The release time slows as the signal approaches zero GR.

Electro mode is pretty much the opposite of Opto mode. It has a slower release time at high gain reduction. The release time gets faster as the signal approaches zero GR.

In this video I give you a quick introduction to using the Waves Linear Multi-band compressor.

Insert the Waves Linear Multi-band compressor on your master channel and s elect the type of compression behaviour you want to use:

Now, play your track through from beginning to end and adjust the input gain so that the signal doesn’t clip. Each time a signal clip is detected, click on the trim button to reduce the gain by the amount of clipping. You may need to further reduce the gain using the fader.

Once you have played your track through you will notice numbers displayed to the right of the solo and bypass buttons on each band. These numbers are the threshold settings for each band as detected by the compressor. Double click on the threshold box at the top of each band and enter the number detected by the compressor.

Once you have entered these numbers for each band you will hear the effects of the Multi-Band Compression

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