Oeksound Bloom A Game-Changer for Your Mixes

Oeksound Bloom A Game-Changer for Your Mixes

Oeksound Bloom A Game-Changer for Your Mixes

Oeksound Bloom A Game-Changer for Your Mixes – Oeksound’s Bloom isn’t just another EQ plugin – it’s a revolution in tone shaping. Forget the time-consuming struggle of crafting perfect EQ curves. Bloom takes a smarter approach, utilizing cutting-edge psychoacoustic modeling to analyze and enhance your audio like a sonic sculptor with a sixth sense.

Oeksound Bloom A Game-Changer for Your Mixes - Oeksound's Bloom isn't just another EQ plugin – it's a revolution in tone shaping. Forget the time-consuming struggle of crafting perfect EQ curves. Bloom takes a smarter approach, utilizing cutting-edge AI and psychoacoustic modeling to analyze and enhance your audio like a sonic sculptor with a sixth sense.
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Effortless Perfection

Imagine having a built-in mixing assistant that listens to your audio and identifies problem areas like harshness or muddiness with superhuman accuracy. That’s the magic of Bloom. Its sophisticated algorithms act like a secret weapon, analyzing your audio in real-time and making targeted adjustments to specific frequencies. Unlike traditional EQs that can color your sound with unwanted artifacts, Bloom works its magic with surgical precision, leaving the desirable aspects of your sound untouched. The result? A clear, balanced, and professional-sounding mix that surpasses anything you’ve achieved before, all with minimal effort on your part.

Intuitive Interface with Hidden Depths

Bloom boasts a user-friendly interface that even beginners can master. The central “Amount” knob acts as your magic control center, letting you dial in the intensity of the effect with ease. A clear visual representation showcases exactly how Bloom is shaping your sound, giving you valuable insight into its processing. But for seasoned audio veterans who crave more control, Bloom offers a treasure trove of hidden depths:

  • M/S Processing: Unleash the Stereo Dimension: Want to add width to your guitars or tighten up the low-end of your drums? Bloom’s M/S processing goes beyond basic stereo manipulation. It lets you independently adjust the tonal balance of the mid and side information in your stereo signal. This allows for unparalleled control over the stereo image, perfect for creating wider, more impactful mixes.
  • Focus: Surgical Precision for Problem Areas Does a specific frequency range need some taming? The Focus knob is your scalpel. Target harsh vocals in the high-mids or clean up muddy guitars in the low-end. With pinpoint accuracy, Bloom allows you to address specific problem areas without affecting the rest of your sound.
  • Air: Breathe Life into Your Recordings Give your instruments and vocals that extra sparkle and shine. The dedicated Air control adds a subtle high-frequency boost, breathing new life into your recordings. This is perfect for adding a touch of brilliance to dull-sounding instruments or enhancing the clarity of vocals.
  • Traditional EQ for the Purists: While Bloom excels in its automatic mode, traditional 4-band EQ controls are also on hand. This allows experienced audio professionals to fine-tune the sculpting process with the familiar tools they know and love.

Bloom: A Genre-Bending Powerhouse

No matter what genre you’re working in, Bloom has the power to transform your mixes. Here are just a few ways it can become your secret weapon:

  • Effortless Vocal Polishing: Achieve clear, radio-ready vocals with minimal effort. Bloom identifies and tames harsh resonances, leaving your vocals upfront and pristine in the mix. It’s like having a professional vocal chain in a single plugin.
  • Warmth for Days: Breathe Life into Thin Instruments Give your thin-sounding guitars and keyboards the richness and body they’ve always lacked. Bloom can add depth and character without sacrificing clarity, making your instruments sound full and powerful.
  • De-cluttering Your Mix Like a Pro: Is your mix a murky mess? Bloom can cut through the clutter like a sonic samurai. It cleans up unwanted resonances and highlights the essential elements, achieving a clear and defined mix that will have you wondering how you ever mixed without it.
  • Subtle Character Tweaks: Explore a Sonic Universe Experiment with adding a touch of vintage warmth or a hint of modern brightness. Bloom’s character controls allow for easy exploration of different sonic textures. Take your mixes from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few clicks.

Basic Setup:

  1. Start with the “Factory default” preset and set the “Amount” knob to 7. This is a good starting point for tonal adjustments.
  2. Use the four tone controls to target specific frequency ranges. Drag the frequency circles to pinpoint the area (e.g., lows for warmth, highs for brightness) and the level circles to boost or cut those areas.
  3. Click “Set” under both “Wet Trim” and “Squash Cal” for automatic level adjustments, ensuring a balanced comparison between processed and dry signals.

Tailoring the Tone:

  • Use the Solo buttons (headphone icons) next to each tone control to isolate the affected frequencies. This helps you focus on specific areas while adjusting.
  • The “Link” control lets you tie the tone adjustments for both left and right channels (at 100%) or allows for more independent processing on each side (lower values). This can be useful for widening the stereo image.
  • The “Focus” control distributes processing between left and right channels. Adjust it to target Bloom’s effect on a specific channel for more precise control.

Adding Squash (Compression):

  • Increase the “Amount” knob past 7 to activate “squash” mode. This engages compression, bringing out detail or adding grit depending on your settings.
  • Adjust the “Attack” and “Release” controls to tailor the compression behavior to your sound source. A faster attack tames transients, while a slower release creates a smoother effect.

Comparing and Finalizing:

  • Use the “Bypass” button to quickly switch between the processed and unprocessed sound to hear the impact of Bloom.
  • Fine-tune the “Amount” knob for the overall intensity of the effect.

Quality Considerations:

  • Choose the “Quality” setting (Normal, High, Low Latency) based on your preference. Low latency is minimum-phase, whereas normal and high settings have an adaptive mixed-phase response that should give better results. Low Latency prioritizes faster processing but uses a different filter type that might affect the sound slightly.

Remember: Experiment with the controls to find the sound that works best for your audio. Refer to the Oeksound Bloom manual or video tutorials for a more in-depth explanation and visual demonstrations.

Bloom: An Investment in Effortless Mixing Magic

Bloom may not be the cheapest plugin on the market, but consider it an investment in streamlined mixing workflows and professional-sounding results. Its ability to quickly analyze and enhance your audio, combined with its intuitive interface and genre-bending versatility, makes it a valuable asset for any producer or musician.

Final Verdict: Oeksound Bloom is a game-changer for audio production. It empowers you to achieve professional-sounding results with remarkable ease. If you’re tired of spending hours crafting EQ curves or struggling to achieve clear and balanced mixes, Bloom is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With its intelligent processing, intuitive controls, and hidden depths for advanced users, Bloom will become an indispensable tool in your mixing arsenal. It’s like having a mixing assistant, a sonic sculptor, and a secret weapon all rolled into one. Prepare to unleash the hidden potential in your audio and achieve mixes that would make professional engineers jealous. Bloom is more than just a plugin; it’s an intelligent partner in your sonic journey. Add it to your arsenal today and experience the magic for yourself.


Technical specifications

Windows 10 – 11
64-bit VST3 and AAX (Pro Tools 11 and up)

Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) – macOS 14 (Sonoma)
64-bit VST3, AU and AAX. Both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs supported.


iLok account and iLok License Manager installation required. iLok dongle is not required. Online access required for the initial activation of the product and trial. One license allows activation of the product on 3 machines. Licenses are valid for both Windows and macOS platforms.

Please ensure system and DAW compatibility by using your free, full feature trial license before committing to purchasing a full license. All purchases are final.

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Review by Simon Duggal – Award Winning Producer & Composer