7 Quick Music Production Tips for Logic Pro X

7 Quick Music Production Tips for Logic Pro X

1. Tap Tempo There’s a tap tempo option in Logic Pro X. It’s not set up as default, but it’s easy to configure. Go to key commands (K) and search for tap tempo. You’ll see the option. Now it’s time to assign a key command. This is the type of command I don’t want to hit accidentally. Nothing will send your project into a head spin like an accidental tempo shift. In order to avoid this, I used a key combination that I know I’m not going to bump. I set the key combination to: Control, Alt, Command, Backslash. To engage tap tempo you simply hold down Control, Alt, Command and then use the backslash to tap in the tempo. On the 5th tap, Logic will start playing your new tempo. This simple little key command has saved me so much time. I used to open a tempo app on my phone, tap in the tempo I wanted, then type it into logic. Logic also rounds off the tempo which is really helpful.

2. Multi-Out for Instrument Plugins Get used to using multi-outs on instrument plugins. The ability to process drums individually can be super powerful with drum instruments. You can really change how the drum kit sounds. Take the time to set up a preset. Experiment with EQ on the snare and bass drum. Listen to how it transforms the sound. This is one of the ways you can really start making your samples sound more realistic. Read more…

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