Steinberg Cubase Power Tips

Steinberg Cubase Power Tips With Sound Designer Robert Dudzic

If you’ve watched a movie or a TV show in the past 15 years, you’ve heard the sound design work of Robert Dudzic many times over. His brooding textures and clangorous stingers have lent mood and excitement to trailers, Hollywood blockbusters including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Maze Runner, numerous Netflix series, and the video game franchise Call of Duty, to name just a few.

His three commercially released sound libraries — Trynity HDFX, Cinema Sound Tools, and RAID — can all be found in over 300 top post-production and radio facilities worldwide, and he also worked with developer Heavyocity on their wildly popular library Damage. His canvas of choice for, in his words, “bringing the audience into the sound in a way they might not have heard before” is Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5. Recently he shared with us how some of its features enable his go-to techniques.

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