The Basics of Surround Sound Part 1

Learn the basics of recording and mixing with surround sound audio, including how to easily setup and calibrate your system.

Learn How to Harness the Power of Immersive Audio Not too long ago, the field of immersive audio was referred by the home and pro-audio communities as “surround sound,” usually involving 5.1 and more recently 7.1 multi-channel audio that would come at you from the left, right, center, side and rear speakers, and the “.1” — the subwoofer. The idea behind such production and playback setups is to create a “you are there” aspect to movies, video games, TV shows, and music making everything bigger, Better, MORE!

And although surround has been embraced by the film, tv, and gaming communities to such an extent that it has become an integral part of their respective experience, music has had its struggles with surround sound over the years and is now primarily a selling feature for high-end classical and special edition Blu Ray sets — until recently. Listening to a killer electronic, rock or experimental piece in surround where all of the speakers are going “full out” can be truly a wonder to behold. A large part of the audio community has never expressed an interest in immersive audio. This is mostly because they haven’t had any experience with surround production, or have even heard a project in 5.1, 7.1 or — let’s get crazy — and add height speakers for 9.1. Of course, the only way to begin to understand immersive is to sit down and listen to a killer mix, either in the studio or on a home theater system. Quite literally, the emotional connection that immersive audio can give to a mix can’t be overstated.

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February 02, 2019 at 04:42PM

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