Synth VST Essentials Oscillators Envelopes and Filters

Synth VST Essentials Oscillators Envelopes and Filters

It’s the twenty-first century. You can compose, produce, mix, master, and release a track, all from one computer, with hundreds of amazing products out there to help. Many of these products are synthesizers, which can contain thousands of pre-made sounds to choose from. These products range from Xfer Records Serum, Native Instruments’ FM8, to our very own Iris 2. In addition to synthesizers, most DAWs on the market comes with a ton of these additional sounds to choose from. That being said, it is surprisingly easy to run the inspirational well dry after browsing through seemingly infinite presets. Part of this is option paralysis, and another part is that many of these sounds are actually very similar.

This can unintentionally cause different productions to sound vaguely alike. I can’t be the only one who’s heard a song on the radio and said, “I know that kick sound,” or “That’s Synth Drone 308 from ______ preset library.” One way to combat this is to understand the basic functions of a synthesizer, which enables you to create custom sounds and presets from the ground up. This can be an easy yet significant step in carving out your sound. This article aims to equip you with the building blocks to dive into your friendly neighborhood soft-synth, and start creating your own sounds for use in your music production. Regardless of what synth you use, you will always find some form of these components in each one:

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