Free plugin – Acustica Tan VCA Compressor

Free plugin – Acustica Tan VCA Compressor

Acustica is pleased to introduce the new CORE8 based TAN Compressor. It’s a very versatile classic analog VCA compressor which offers a lot of sound shaping options with a gorgeous graphical user interface.

This plug-in has the usual parameters commonly found in dynamic processors, such as Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Dry/Wet and Gain.

These controls allow an extremely wide range of adjustments, yet we have decided to add an exciting new feature to the table: it’s what we call “ShMod” (Shape Modulation). This is a shape control for the attack curve of the compressor: it allows you to fine-tune the attack shape, so that you can really optimize the attack behavior for any kind of audio source!

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