How 8 Tracks Can Shape a Song

How 8 Tracks Can Shape a Song

You don’t need hundreds of layered tracks to produce a good record. In this post, learn how to use eight or fewer elements to create a dynamic and interesting song.

In modern music, artists can layer track upon track to create musical masterpieces in all genres, with chart-topping hits having upwards of 100 tracks layered, making for huge and complex soundscapes. This is a far cry from the four channels (eight in stereo) musicians used to work in.

Artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who were working with four and eight tracks, yet their music still stands the test of time. Why? Because they combined song elements with purpose and clarity. Their successful records have a leading idea centered and supported by its surrounding elements, not overwhelmed by them.

Here we’ll explain why all you need is eight tracks (or fewer) to make an amazing song—and how you can decide which elements to focus on and highlight throughout your creative process.

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