When to Use Dynamic EQ In a Mix

When to Use Dynamic EQ In a Mix

One of the biggest challenges when mixing with EQ is sculpting audio signals that vary in frequency content over time. A cut to tame harsh vocal frequencies works for one phrase, then comprises intelligibility the next. Rolling off lows on a drum kit might reduce masking when the bass is present in the chorus but sound thin on its own during the bridge.

You can try automation to connect the dots, but it’s both time-consuming and unnatural for these types of moves. Enter dynamic EQ, which includes the three EQ parameters you’re used to—frequency, gain, and Q—with the addition of a compressor threshold, so when a specific frequency band exceeds the threshold, it triggers either a boost or cut of the EQ filter. This combination allows you to use EQ in a way that responds and adapts to incoming audio. In this article, we’ll look at a some of the creative and corrective possibilities of dynamic EQ.

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