De-essing For The 21st Century

EXPERTS SHOW THE POWER OF WARP MODE IN REVOICE 4 The team at Production Expert have made a short video ‘Easy Editing of Sibilance Using The Powerful Warp Tool In Revoice Pro 4’ demonstrating just how powerful the de-esser compabilties are in Revoice Pro 4. De-essing is an audio process which is used to reduce the sound of sibilant consonants, for example, ‘s’, ‘ch’ or ‘sh’, which can sometimes occur when recording the human voice. There are several reasons why it occurs which can include the excessive use of compression and EQ during the recording or poor microphone selection. Before dedicated de-esser hardware units were invented, audio engineers would use side-chain filtering on compressors to only compress frequencies around the 2-10kHz range. This technique proved a useful way of handling the issue, but it was, of course, limited to being all or nothing. In modern DAWs more powerful de-esser plugins are available, but in most cases, they still use the filtered compression principle. More recently dynamic EQ plugins have given engineers another way to de-ess vocals, and as a last resort some engineers try and use automation to fix the problem…

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